16 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Flies

16 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Flies

Flies are dipteral (having two wings) insects and belong to the dipteral order. There are more than 1.20 million species of flies in the world. They change in size as they grow towards maturity. The house fly is scientifically called as Musca Domestica. Houseflies are not insects that bite but they can transmit several diseases, like cholera, dysentery, typhoid and diarrhea.  House flies can also cause serious eye infections.

Common Types of Flies

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House flies get accumulated in areas where there is no cleanliness or hygiene, like exposed garbage or fecal matter. Left out uncovered food also attracts flies. Areas with a lot of vegetation and thick shrubbery are ideal for the growth of flies.

Home Remedies for Flies

1. Camphor

It is one of the greatest deterrents for flies. Light it up and spread the fumes from it all over your room to get rid of flies, instantly.

2. UV Traps

An ultra violet trap attracts flies and other flying insects, and then electrocute them. UV traps and lighting are an efficacious method to kill flies at home easily.

3. Basil

Basil not only has medicinal properties, but it is equally effective against flies as it acts as a strong restrain to flies. So, plant basil in your garden to keep flies at bay.

You can also plant mint, lavender or marigold to get rid of flies outside.

4. Fly Swatter

A fly swatter is a cheap method to keep flies at bay in your house. Some fly swatters come with electronic machines that trap and kill flies automatically. It’s a hassle-free method of killing flies.

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils have proven their essentiality when it comes to treating house flies. Essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon grass, not only possess gentle aroma, but they also work effectively in keeping away the house flies. Spraying such oils in your living area, bedroom, or even kitchen will help get rid of flies.

6. Screens

By using screens on your doors and windows you can prevent the entry of flies inside your house. Using screens allows you to keep doors and windows open, letting more natural light into your house while keeping the flies away.

7. Green Apple Soap

Studies have shown that green apple liquid soap attracts flies. So, you can fill a jar with two spoonfuls of green apple liquid dish soap and a few inches with water. Flies will get fascinated towards the fruity aroma of green apple and will eventually get drowned in the jar. This is a great method for catching house flies.

8. Switch ‘ON’ the Fan

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of flies as you don’t have to do anything in keeping flies away from your doorstep. Just switch on the ceiling fan or table fan in your room and it will help get rid of flies.

9. Apple and Clove

Stud few cloves into an apple and put it somewhere in your kitchen area or in an area that is more prone to flies. You can also use clove oil for cleaning purpose. Flies cannot bear the smell of cloves, and they will get vanished, the next moment.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Putting apple cider vinegar in a bowl is one of the most effective ways to get rid of flies with vinegar. Adding liquid detergent will prevent flies from escaping.  This will help attract flies because of the aroma. They will come but will never get escaped by it and will get drowned finally.

11. Cucumbers

Placing cucumber slices on the top of garbage is an effective way that prevents flies from laying eggs inside the container as they repel cucumber and its fragrance. Moreover, you can also place a few cucumber slices in the perimeter of your house, which will restrain flies from entering the house and will keep flies away.

12. Fly Paper

You can make your own fly paper easily at home to get rid of stubborn flies. Make syrup out of sugar and corn starch and brush it nicely on a brown paper (thicker one). Make a whole in the corner and hang it up anywhere outside your room or house. It will prevent the entry of flies inside your house.

13. Cayenne Pepper

Take some cayenne pepper and put it in a spray bottle. Add some water to it and shake the bottle so that both get mixed well. Now, spray the mix all around your house. This will kill the flies.

14. White Wine

Mix white wine with dishwashing liquid. Now, place this mixture in a bowl. The flies will get attracted towards the mixture and get poisoned.

15. Cinnamon

Use cinnamon as an air-freshener as flies hate the aroma of cinnamon.

16. Plastic Water Bags

Hang clear plastic water bags on the entryways to prevent the entry of flies inside your house.

Preventive Measures

To control the flies, you should practice the following preventive measures.

  • Keep your house premises always clean and hygienic.
  • To clean your house, use good quality disinfectant that works day till night.
  • Garbage and bin are the favorite places for flies. Hence, dispose the garbage on a regular basis and ensure that you throw garbage at a location, quite away from your place.
  • Put a lid on the dustbins.
  • Flies are also fascinated towards fruits, especially mangoes and apples. So, if you place any cut fruits on the table or in the kitchenette, make sure that they are covered properly.
  • You can also use insect repellent sprays that are available over-the-counters to keep the flies at bay.
  • If you have pets at your place, you should make sure that their feces are cleaned immediately, and there is nothing left on the ground.
  • Do not overwater your plants as overwatering is also one of the major causes of welcoming flies in your Bella casa.
  • Use window screens. Along with keeping the flies away, it will also let you enjoy the fresh air.

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Must-Know Facts About Houseflies

Flies Poop- A Lot

Flies tend to poop a ton because they have a diet that is strictly liquid-based. Though they pick up food, the process in which it breaks down in their bodies makes it liquid first. Have you ever tried juicing? Chances are you are urinating what feels like a million times a day. The same is true of the fly. This means if there are flies around, you can expect that they are probably pooping everywhere. even more of a reason to use these home remedies and get rid of them promptly, huh?

Flies See All

Have you ever tried to swat a fly, ever so carefully, ever so quietly and sneakily, just to have it FLY away? Well, this is probably because they can see behind them. This means they see you coming. It may be the reason it is so hard to kill them when coming at them with an object or a hand.

Flies Have Short Lifespans

The good news is that flies don’t live very long. About one month is the amount of their entire life. But the bad news is that they do a lot of damage in that short time. Kind of like if you found out you had only a few months to live- you would probably seek a legacy of some sort. For the flies, they seek their legacy by laying eggs. SO many eggs. Around 500 in that simple 30 days. That means even though the flies die off fast, they are ever reproducing.

Flies Are Dirty

This one you may already know, but it still needs to be said. Flies are truly some of the dirtiest insects, and they are good at spreading the diseases they pickup to us humans. Beware of this.