16 Excellent Essential Oils for Cellulite + Infographic

essential oils for cellulite infographic

At Home Remedy Shop, we are totally, irreparably, irrevocably, head over heels in love with essential oils. These super hero substances are made from the essence of certain plants’ fragrances and have mind-blowing health benefits for all sorts of conditions you never would have imagined.

Also known as ethereal oils or volatile oils, essential oils have been a part of traditional medicine for ages, from being the founding ingredient for aromatherapy, to taking care of the skin and even treating cancer. For all of our hardworking ladies out there who are struggling with cottage cheese thighs, you should know that essential oils are known for being a great side kick for treating cellulite.

How Essential Oils are Made

There are a number of processes for extracting pure essential oils from seeds, fruits and other parts of plants. Some processes are more effective than others and a few are alleged to yield higher quality results. Following, are a few of the main ways in which these oils are made:

  • Expression – This is the original way essential oils were obtained from plants. It involves pressing the raw materials without applying heat, to get the purest, most complex oil from them.
  • Solvent Extraction – Often used for flowers, this process preserves the structural integrity of delicate oil compounds that cannot be extracted through pressing.
  • Distillation – This process makes use of water vapor in the form of steam to carry oils away from raw plant matter.

If you use essential oils as moisturizer for when applying cellulite massage, you will see delightful results in a couple of months. Make sure that you keep in mind to drink more than enough water, avoid junk food and work out frequently, because you won’t be able to get rid of cellulite for good without combining all of these methods.

There are quite a few essential oils available for use, so if you are not certain which ones are beneficial for combating cellulite, we have whipped up a list of our personal favorites that have proven to be the most effective. In addition to these, we have also included a bonus of four carrier oils that we absolutely love. So here you are, our pick of the best 16 excellent essential oils for cellulite!


1. Geranium

Geranium is one of the most astounding essential oils for cellulite that you could ever dream of. According to OrganicFacts.net, geranium acts as an “astringent, hemostatic, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, diuretic, deodorant, styptic, tonic, vermifuge and vulnerary agent.” Isn’t that amazing? When it comes to cellulite, geranium helps with its wonderful detoxifying properties and its ability to improve your blood circulation. Apply geranium essential oil two times a day when massaging your skin to reap from its anti-cellulite benefits.

2. Lime

Aside from being a fantastic solution for reducing cellulite when used in massage, lime essential oil also has a lot of other great properties that your body can benefit from. It is renowned for boosting your immune system and allowing you to enjoy healthy, glowing and smooth skin. It is also said that the fragrance of lime essential oil helps you clear up your mind and get down to creative business.

3. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most popular essential oils for a wide range of reasons, and we can completely understand why. On a mental and spiritual level, rosemary essential oil is admired for helping people stay focused when they have a lot of work to get done. Physically speaking, rosemary is widely used for hair care and is a key ingredient for quite a few natural shampoos. It also serves as one of the best essential oils for cellulite through its toning and firming properties.

4. Fennel Sweet

Fennel sweet is among the top essential oils for cellulite thanks to its ability to eliminate toxins, which are one of the leading causes of building up cellulite. Fennel sweet essential oil is frequently used for weight loss purposes and is known for having a wonderful effect on the body and the skin.

essential oils for cellulite

5. Grapefruit

Just like fennel sweet, grapefruit is great for getting rid of all those nasty toxins that make your body build up fat and, ultimately, cellulite. In addition to this, it also helps if you are planning to lose weight and get in shape for hitting the beach. You can consume grapefruit essential oil by adding it to a glass of orange juice for energy, or you can use it topically when carrying out cellulite massage sessions.

6. Ginger

Cellulite is not the only condition that ginger essential oil is used for treating. It is also appreciated for having positive results on varicose veins, eliminating scars and relieving arthritis pain, among others. For fantastically firm and healthy skin, you can prepare ginger essential oil detox baths and add Epsom salts for a soothing long hour soaking in the tub.

7. Atlas Cedar

Atlas cedar essential oil is praised across the globe for promoting stability, strength, healthy skin and weight loss.  Moreover, atlas cedar is frequently used for overcoming fluid retention and busting cellulite by using it for massages. The entire list of physical and mental conditions is actually quite lengthy, including but not limited to bronchitis, acne, kidney problems, anxiety, eczema and hair loss, just to name a few.

8. Rose

Ah, what essential oil could be lovelier than that of a rose? Its sweet and alluring aroma has made it a worldwide favorite for perfumes, soaps, lotions and other skin care products. It is natural that it would be among the preferences of essential oils for cellulite, as well. From a spiritual point of view, rose essential oil “helps bring balance and harmony with stimulating and uplifting properties that create a sense of well-being and self-confidence”, according to YoungLiving.com.

9. Carrot Seed

Not only will carrot seed oil aid you in fighting off cellulite, but it will also be doing your skin a world of good by preventing the aging process and keeping it hydrated. It is also noted for assisting the treatment of stretch marks and toning your skin in general. Regarding health benefits, carrot seed essential oil has exceptional antioxidant and detoxifying properties, while promoting circulation and the production of collagen.

10. Cypress

Another one of the most fantastic essential oils for cellulite and varicose veins is cypress. It works wonders for your circulatory system and eases your blood flow. It serves as a great astringent and should be massaged into the areas of your skin with cellulite at least two times a day for at least two months to start seeing positive results.

11. Patchouli

This essential oil is just as spicy as it sounds like. It is admired for its diuretic properties and its intriguing and exotic scent. It is used for anti-cellulite massages, as well as for combatting water retention. The great part about patchouli essential oil is that you can mix it with other kinds of essential oils until you reach the fragrance of your preference.

12. Bitter Orange

Did you know that bitter orange essential oil is amazing for your metabolism? Furthermore, it is said to help you when wanting to shed off extra pounds and get rid of that nasty cellulite. It also promotes detoxifying the body and has anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and even anti-cancer properties. Its pleasant citrus smell makes it a pleasure to use when wanting to apply anti-cellulite massage.

13. Thyme

It’s time to incorporate thyme into your life! If you find troubles concentrating, a bit of thyme essential oil just might do the trick. Aside from helping treat cellulite, thyme essential oil is also great for women who are experiencing menstrual pain and unbearable cramps during “that” time of the month. Its properties also include diuretic, cicatrisant, and carminative, among many others.

14. Juniper

Among all essential oils for cellulite, juniper may in fact be the most popular one on our list. It is recognized as being a very good agent for overcoming cellulite and also water retention. Supporting healthy blood flow, washing out toxins and purification are some of the other admired health benefits of juniper essential oil. If you find yourself having trouble with kidney problems, consider using juniper as an alternative natural treatment.

15. Lemon

One of your favorite household citruses should soon become one of your new favorite essential oils. When it comes down to taking care of your circulatory system, lemon essential oil has what you need to get the job done right. It “strengthens vascular tissues, it is used for treating varicose veins by improving circulation and relieving pressure on the veins”, as stated by SelfGrowth.com, when combined with the cypress essential oil we were talking about above. Some other lemon health benefits include easing digestion, overcoming coughs, treating smelly breath, losing weight and relieving nausea, among quite a few others.

16. Lemongrass

Even though they both contain “lemon” in their names, lemon and lemongrass essential oils are separate types of oil that come from different plants. While lemon essential oil comes from the citrus plant, lemongrass comes from Cymbopogon ciatrus leaves. What they do have in common is the power to be a natural miracle worker for your skin, especially when it comes to getting over cellulite through therapeutic massage.

BONUS: Carrier Oils and their extra health benefits

Coconut – lose weight, decrease seizure risks, boost energy, treat and prevent infections, avoid heart problems, protect your skin.

Jojoba – scalp cleansing, shiny hair, getting rid of wrinkles, treating acne, anti-inflammatory properties, skin softener, conditioning treatment and many other hair or skin related purposes.

Olive – decrease the risk of developing cancer, lower blood cholesterol, antioxidant properties, reduce blood pressure, control blood sugar levels, prevent osteoporosis, prevent diabetes and arthritis.

Sweet Almond – analgesic, emollient, antioxidant, laxative, overcoming muscle soreness, eliminate toxins, promote a healthy immune system.

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