15 Home Remedies for Burns

15 Home Remedies for Burns of Every Kind

Small burns are usually associated with children playing around the house and not paying attention to either household objects that are turned on, such as ironing machines, or their not paying attention while running around the kitchen while something is boiling on the cooker. These are the most unfortunate events. However it has happened to all of us. If you are into cooking, you are likely to have some small reminders of those times you weren’t paying attention and some boiling oil or water just scalded on your skin.

But burns are not a result of cooking mistakes only. One can also have sunburns, stomach burns, and eye burns, or slight burns cause by inappropriate hair removal. We are about to tackle all of the above throughout this post.

Home Remedies for Sun Burn

1.Take an Oatmeal Bath – Fill up your bathtub with some cooler water, as cold as you can handle.

1: Remember that putting ice on a burn is not a god idea, but cold water is fine, as it reduces the possibility for further spreading.

2nd: Hot water is also harmful, as it enhances the burning feeling. It’s like burning the affected area against a hard rug. So instead of pain relief, you’ll feel a great amount of pain. Add one cup of oatmeal into the cool bathtub. It will soothe your skin and help it heal.

2. Take a Vinegar Bath – The protocol is the same: fill up your bathtub and add a cup of vinegar. It seems that no one really knows the science behind this remedy, but apparently it works wonders. Apple cider vinegar compresses are also recommended for more severe burns. Replace them whenever you feel they’ve dried.

3. Take a Tea Bath – Since tea is good for the inside, why shouldn’t it work for the outside as well? It’s best you look for calendula containing tea, but others are also fine, especially mint tea, which cools you off like no other, or green tea, with incredible properties for aiding your skin to recover and reduce the risk of any potential risk of infection. Just infuse some tea bags in the water and relax.

4. Raw Potato – Well here’s another wonderful home remedie for burns due to its soothing and anti-irritating properties. Raw potato slices can really reduce the possibility of developing blisters and is eases your pain considerably.

Keep in mind the fact that potatoes can also be used for regular skin burns as well.

Just rub a slice of potato on your burned area and make sure that the potato juice is released over the area. It’s among the best home remedys for minor burns you can use

5. Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice Mask – Coconut oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E, lauric acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid. All of them increase the skin’s capability of curing faster and of staying away from infections and funguses. Lemon juice on the other hand has skin lightning properties, so it makes any potential scars be less visible. So just take a handful of coconut from a jar left at room temperature and mix it with the juice from one lemon. Apply the mix on your affected skin areas in order to encourage healing.

Home Remedies for Heart Burn or Stomach Burn

What’s the most rapid home remedy for a heart burn? Well here are a few you ought to try when the unfortunate time comes…

6. Baking Soda – Probably the most famous home remedy for burns, it appears that baking soda is recommended for both internal and external burns. Due to its being alkaline, it creates a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with the acid in your stomach, a reaction that neutralizes it. But keep in mind that you should mix it with a few drops of lemon juice.

In other words take one teaspoon of baking soda, add a few drops of lemon juice to it, and then mix it with a glass of water. Don’t forget about the lemon juice, because there have been cases when the reaction in the stomach was so quick, that it produced a stomach rupture. But the lemon juice calms things down and decreases the risk of danger.

7. Mustard – Mustard contains vinegar. And it’s probably because of this it considerably diminishes heartburns. A spoon of mustard thoroughly chewed in your mouth is the most underrated home remedy for burn. But it works. It really does.

Home Remedies for Minor Burns in the Eyes

Our eyes can burn because of excessive exposure to dust, because of computer screens, mild allergies, eyeliners or mascara, or because of the face cream. They look swollen and red. However we won’t be discussing chemical eye burns here, as they always require that you see a specialist. The only thing you can do in case a chemical burn takes place, is to wash your eye as well as you can with cold water. Force yourself to open the lid so that the water can get into the eye as much as possible. And then visit a doctor.

8. Cucumber slices – Probably the most famous eye remedy ever, the good old cucumber never lets you down. Its anti-inflammatory properties are really hard to beat.

9. Aloe Vera Juice – Squeeze one leaf and mix the juice with a bit of water. Then, using a clean cotton ball, place this soothing mixture over your eyes, with gentle moves. You’ll feel the benefit in no time.

10. Rose Water – If you have this product in your cabinet, don’t hesitate to use it. You can either put some drops directly in your eyes, or dilute them in water and dab a cotton ball in it. Then gently rub it against your eyes and expect for the redness to magically disappear.

home remedies for burns

Home Remedies for Razor Burn

Razors, wax and classical hair removal devices can all cause injuries if not handled properly. If your skin is swollen, red, or has bumps after removing your hair, or in case you suffer from the keratosis pilaris syndrome, you can make all these annoying symptoms go away by using some natural treatments you probably have somewhere in your house.

11. Tea Tree Oil – The absolute star of all known infections to mankind. It kills any bacteria you might have there crawling on your skin, and post hair removal routines make no exception. Just dilute about 5 drops in two tablespoons of water and apply the mix on your affected skin with a cotton cloth or a cotton ball. If it dries your skin, simply remove it after 10 minutes, using warm water, and then apply a moisturizer of your choice. Repeat the procedure twice a day if needed.

12. Strawberry Paste – Well this is a really nice after-shave mask you can use. Just squash a few strawberries and mix them with a bit of sour cream, until you get a thick paste. Spread it on your irritated area, using your fingers and get something to read for about 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water. You’ll smell heavenly and your skin will be happy and hydrated.

13. Honey – Its being sticky and messy is the only disadvantage honey may have. Remember how great it is for whatever problems you might be having with a sore throat? It just makes your pain vanish. And this will also happen whenever you apply honey on your skin. It doesn’t matter the type of burn you might be suffering from, honey will make it go away, it will hydrate and nourish your skin. Just apply some on the affected area with a wooden spatula or spoon. And allow it to take effect for about 20 minutes. Then just rinse with warm water, using your hands to remove the honey that got stuck to your skin and you’ll be good to go. In case you want to make your mask even more effective, you can add some plain yogurt into the mix, just like in the strawberry paste.

14. Baby Powder – Well this one isn’t used for babies in vain, is it? It’s is famous for clearing out rashes caused by diapers, so why shouldn’t it clear out yours? But this is more of a prevention treatment, so you have to sprinkle some on your skin, 10 minutes prior to removing your hair. It absorbs any extra moisture caused by sweat, or your body’s natural grease, which is present all over our body. Any hair removal device will work much better after applying baby powder and thus your in-grown hair will also be removed more easily. It’s especially recommended whenever you are trying to remove hair anywhere close to your bikini area.

15. Witch Hazel – Nature strikes again, with this amazing plant that’s great for all sorts of skin problems. Spread some witch hazel lotion on your feet, armpits or wherever you are experiencing burning pain on your skin. And, if you prefer, add a rich moisturizer after that, probably something like coconut oil, which also has anti skin burning properties.

Additional Notes

  • First of all, in case the source of your burn is somewhat different, for instance, if you are experiencing a degree of itching in delicate areas, like you vagina, then chances are you that may be suffering from vaginal infection. As far as home remedies for vaginal burning are concerned, it’s better to check with your doctor before applying any home made treatment.
  • Second, if you have any blisters because of burns, don’t try to force the liquid out. It’s your body’s natural way of protecting the injured area, and it usually knows best when that liquid is no longer needed: the blister either pops out by itself, or the extra liquid is re-absorbed into the body. Popping blisters too soon may result in scars and skin infections because of the exposed raw flesh, so be really careful about that.

So here you have some of the most effective home remedies for a burn you can find somewhere hidden in your bathroom cabinet, just waiting to save the day.

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