Eyes work persistently from morning to night, and we expose them to various things, like newspaper, television, computer, mobile, etc. Constant activity of eyes leads to various eye-related issues in the long term, which can be poor eyesight, cataract, macular degeneration, etc.   Keeping in mind all such troubles, it becomes mandatory to take proper and good care of your eyes. In this regard, diet plays an important role. Keeping yourself in tune with the proper diet regimen can avert a number of eye diseases from taking a perilous form. Here are a few wonderful super foods that are useful in maintaining healthy eyes.

1. Spinach

Consumption of spinach is something that everyone should follow in their regular regimen. It falls in the category of those healthy vegetables that can combat a number of ailments in your body. Spinach is equally effective in keeping your eyes healthy. It is loaded with lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin A. These nutrients are powerful in curing the ailments of eyes. They improve the vision of the eyes, protect the eye from ultraviolet rays, and safeguard the cornea. Whether raw boiled spinach or spinach juice, take spinach in any form to keep eyes healthy.

2. Salmon

Having salmon, a cold water fish, daily, ensures the wellbeing of the eyes and keeps the retina free from any injury and averts blindness. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which safeguards the eyes and prevent them from drying out. Other cold water fishes, like sardines, tuna, herring, and mackerel, are equally effective in treating eyes.

3. Carrot

Carrots are in abundance in a pigment, called beta carotene, which is necessary for keeping eyes healthy and diminishing diseases, like night blindness. It also protects the cells in eyes and body and clears cornea. Carrots are also rich in lutein, which protects the eyes from suffering from macular degeneration. The fiber and potassium in carrot is also great for eyes as well as various other health disorders.

4. Blueberries

Blueberries should be eaten on a regular basis to have healthier eye sight. Blueberry is packed with antioxidants, vasoprotective, rhodopsin, collagen stabilizing, and regeneration properties. It improves weak eyesight and also fortifies the blood vessels of eyes. Blueberry contains anthocyanins, which is therapeutic in lowering the blood pressure level and preventing obstructions in the arteries that provide oxygen to the retina.

5. Sweet Potato

Being profused with Vitamin A, sweet potatoes are excellent for the eyes. Vitamin A has proven to be fantastic in improving the vision and put a stop to macular degeneration, cataract, and glaucoma. The dry eye trouble is also treated by vitamin A, and it keeps the eyes free from the risk of viral and bacterial infections. Sweet potato is equally encumbered with fiber, potassium, and beta carotene.

6. Peppers

Peppers are indeed one of the affluent sources of vitamin A and C. Peppers come into various kinds, like green, yellow, red, orange, black, brown, and purple and all are good for maintaining the overall health of the eyes. Being rich in vitamin A, C, B6, zeaxanthin, lutein, lycopene and beta carotene, peppers safeguard the eyesight and combats cataract.

7. Walnuts

Walnuts contain a high quantity of omega-3 fatty acids, which is not only essential in maintaining the overall health, but is also superb for the eyes. In addition, walnuts are full of zinc, antioxidants, and vitamin E. Besides walnut, you can also consume hazelnut, almond, peanut, and pecan.

8. Avocado

Besides being used for skin and hair, avocados are also great for eyes. They have lutein, which is a vital nutrient that prevents cataract, age-related eye diseases and macular degeneration. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, beta-carotene, and vitamin E, which are equally essential for having good vision.  It also shields the eyes from oxidative stress damage.

9. Broccoli

Broccoli is affluent in vitamin B2, vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Vitamin B2 is extremely essential for the eyes as it safeguards the eyes from being highly sensitive to strong light, blurred vision, inflammation, and visual tiredness. It also delays the progression of cataract. On the other hand, vitamin A makes the eyesight strong.

10. Strawberry

Strawberry is profused with vitamin C that is required in maintaining healthy eyes and keeps them free from inflammatory ailments. The varied antioxidants present in strawberries can facilitate to stay away from a number of eye troubles, like macular degeneration, dryness of eyes, and vision disorders. Eating strawberries, three to four times a day, can lessen the probability of age related eye problems.

11. Tea

Some studies have come across the fact that black, green, or oolong teas are great remedies in preventing cataract, and macular degeneration. The reason why these teas are good is that because they diminish the formation of new blood vessels in the back of eyes as more the vessels will generate, more will they seep out fluid and blood. This leakage can cause permanent damage to the eyes and serious vision loss.

12. Egg

An egg every day is an excellent eye food. It is fulfilled with DHA, omega-3 fatty acid, lutein, and zeaxanthin. All these nutrients keep the eyes hale and hearty, without the risk of any eye issue.

13. Orange

Being an extremely rich source of vitamin C, oranges are also considered as ‘superfood’ that can keep the eyes healthy and problem-free.

14. Almonds

Almonds are abundant in Vitamin E. A handful of almonds prevent macular degeneration and boost eyesight.

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