14 Pros and Cons of Green Coffee Bean Extract Use

Weight loss pills have been the subject of debate and desire in the community for quite a few years. Some believe in their benefits and effectiveness, other think that they are a waste of time and money. With such a huge variety available on the market, it is hard to decide which types of capsules actually help you lose weight and which are just an advertising scam. In recent years, a certain variety has gained more and more attention, both by the media and consumers. We are talking about green coffee bean extract, of course.

What is a Green Coffee Bean?

Green coffee beans are actually immature fruits harvested from the fruit-bearing coffee tree. The process these harvested fruits undergo to make this extract is distinctly different from that of fully matured coffee cherries.

All coffee beans are actually seeds extracted from coffee cherries. Typically, coffee trees bear cherries with two seeds or ‘beans’ per fruit. Typically, when the fruits of the tree are fully ripe, the beans are harvested and dried in preparation for roasting and/or shipping.

To create green coffee bean extract, harvesters take unripe coffee cherries and soak them in water to pull such substances as caffeine and more from them. The mixture is then dried to a powder form, yielding the concentrated extract itself.

The green coffee bean extract Dr Oz made so popular in his show (as well as red raspberry ketones or Cambogia Garcinia) is actually known to be one of the best natural alternatives for losing weight. Pure green coffee bean extract can not only help you with the obvious, losing weight, but it can also aid you in multiple health conditions or diseases. Nevertheless, what does green coffee bean extract do for your body? How much is good for you? Why is it so desired vs other weight loss supplements? Are there any side effects? To answer these questions and more, we have created a complex green coffee bean extract review, with pros and cons about the pill that is on everybody’s lips. You will learn about the diseases green coffee bean extract can help you fight, when and how you should take it, when to avoid it and study the all-around best green coffee bean extract benefits in this article. Without further ado, I am happy to present are our 14 pros and cons of green coffee bean extract use!



When it comes to green coffee bean extract reviews by customers, the pros easily outweigh the cons. While everybody might be well aware of the main reason for taking green coffee bean extract – weight loss –, not everybody knows the wide range of benefits that this supplement provides.  Learn more about green coffee bean extract benefits below.

1. Weight Loss

First and foremost, it is impossible to talk about green coffee bean extract without talking about its main use: weight loss. This use is somewhat supported by scientific research, as “a few small studies found that people taking green coffee lost 3 to 5 pounds more than people who weren’t”, according to Web MD. This might be explained by the chlorogenic acid that green coffee bean extract contains, which pushes your liver to consume excess fat.

2. Energy Booster

In addition to helping your body burn fat, green coffee bean extract can boost your energy like there’s no tomorrow. Like regular coffee, green beans contain caffeine, which will make you bounce through the day filled with energy. All jokes aside, green coffee bean extract really help enhance your energy levels so you can be more active on a day to day basis. Stay sharp and stay healthy!

3. Awesome Detox

You are probably pretty aware by now that your body suffers the burden of multiple toxins, for obvious reasons. Every once in a while, it is highly recommended that you take on a safe, natural, organic detox process, so you can cleanse your body (and your mind and spirit, while you’re at it). Luckily enough for us, green coffee bean extract can help us out.  Look into a brand like Naturewise 800 mg, Healthy Delights Chews, GNC, CVS, GCA, Rebody (or Re Body), Genesis or Svetol green coffee bean extract tablets and where you can buy them (Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe or at Walmart, to name a few sources).

4. Metabolism Support

Green coffee bean extract works wonders for your metabolism. Authority Nutrition explains that “several studies have shown that caffeine can boost metabolism by up to 3-11%.” Taking into consideration the fact that green coffee beans are an excellent source of caffeine, you can certainly count on them for pumping up your metabolism. How does it work? The fat that is stored in your body is transformed into energy by your liver and then the super duper magic happens. Voila!

5. Appetite Suppressant

Not only does green coffee bean extract help you lose weight by the process describes in #1, it also helps you suppress your cravings for food by making you feel full. This way, you can enhance your diet by staying away from unhealthy foods without going through the psychological troubles. Motivate yourself to go from plus size to healthy and supple with green coffee bean extract.

6. Reduce Blood Pressure

Yet another advantage of green coffee bean extract is its power to aid in lowering blood pressure. Research shows that people who used more than 100 mg (but under 800mg) per day had reduced their blood pressure. This is excellent news for patients suffering from hypertension, as maintaining normal blood pressure is critical to their health.

7. Antioxidant Content

It is essential that your body benefits from antioxidants to stay away from life-threatening diseases caused by free radicals. Green coffee bean extract can help you do so, as it is filled with antioxidants. This variety is so exceptional, in fact, that it is the only known type of coffee that comes with such a delightful amount of antioxidants.

8. Battle Cancer

Last, but certainly not least, one of the most amazing health benefits related to green coffee bean extract is aiding the body in the battle against cancer. Not only does it help patients who are already suffering from cancer, but it also supports the body in preventing cancer from developing in the first place. It works by inhibiting cancer cells so they do not spread (for those who have cancer) and by offering protection (thanks to the antioxidants we were talking about earlier).


Unfortunately, you can’t always have it all. While it generally does not have negative results and is perfectly safe, there are still a few potential green coffee bean extract side effects that you should keep in mind. We recommend that if you find yourself in any one of the situations we describe below you should consult your doctor before taking green bean coffee extract.

9. Not for Pregnant Women

By no means should pregnant women take green coffee bean extract. There may be a time for attempting to lose weight, but just leave it for after you give birth and stop breast feeding. This leads us to our second con connected to pregnant women; it is also recommended that a mother who is breast feeding should not become green coffee bean extract customer. Drinking green coffee while carrying a baby could lead to a folic acid deficiency in the offspring.

10. Large Amounts

Unfortunately, 400mg is just half of the dosage you need for green coffee bean extract to work for weight loss. It is recommended that you take at least 800, in its pure form, for positive effects to start showing. In the case of high blood pressure you do not have to take as much. While this is not necessarily a con or negative aspect, it might be a bit much for some people.

11. Form of Consumption

Green coffee bean extract cannot be consumed as a liquid, like tea or juice, but it has to be taken under the form of tablets, pills, or capsules that contain green coffee bean powder. You should take one serving (see the recommended dosage on your package) around half an hour before every meal.

12. Medicine Interactions

If you are on medication, you should be very careful with taking green coffee bean extract together with them. Make sure that you speak with your doctor beforehand and see if the drugs you take for your condition are compatible with green coffee bean extract.

13. Caution with Diseases

On the same note, there are several diseases and conditions that are not recommended for mixing up with green coffee bean extract. A few examples that need to be treated with caution are high blood sugar, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, glaucoma, osteoporosis, various bleeding disorders, high levels of homocysteine, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.

14. Possible Mild Side Effects

Just like with any other substance, a few mild side effects could take place if green coffee bean extract is not in sync with your body. A couple of examples are headache, nausea, nervousness, insomnia, vomiting or nervousness. Any of these side effects take place due to the caffeine content of green coffee bean extract, which makes them similar to the ones triggered by coffee. Make sure that you always respect the recommended dosage on the supplements you are taking and immediately contact a medical professional if you are not feeling well.

How did green coffee bean extract work for your body? Did it help you lose weight? Perhaps deal with a chronic health condition? Did you suffer any rare side effects that we have not covered in our article? Tell us all about your experience in a comment below!

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