13 Home Remedies for Getting Shiny Nails

No matter how beautiful your dress is, if your nails are not done, then your whole appearance looks incomplete. Applying a coat of nail paint, every time you go out, of course makes your nails shiny, but in the long term, damages them. The good news is, there are natural ways to get your nails as shiny as possible. And you don’t even have to rely on harsh chemicals, glues, and polishes to do so. Today, We are going to go over the top ways to get beautiful and shy nails right at home. The ingredients from your kitchen cabinet can work wonders for you. Let’s check some of the home remedies for clean, shiny and healthy nails.

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural and proven home remedy for providing shine to your nails. Massaging with warm olive oil on nails would do all the work. If you really want to commit to this method, then rubbing a dot of olive oil around your nails, cuticles, and really your hands before you go to bed or after you do the dishes is a great way to get them back to their natural shine.

2. Lemon

For whiter and clearer nails, lemon juice or already squeezed lemon is perfect. To make it even easier for you, you can slice a lemon in half and simply rub the lemon juices over your cuticles and nails. You can also squeeze the juice out into a little container, and dip your fingers into that as well. Regardless of how you choose to do it, you are sure to have great smelling nails afterward!

3. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly also helps in gaining shiny nails. Just rub Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly on your nails after taking a bath or before going to bath, for nourishing them. What is great about this method is the fact that you will also be working double duty to moisturize and smooth out the skin around your nails as well.

4. Butter

Butter sounds odd, but it is the best remedy. Use melted butter for getting natural shiny nails. While it may not be the most favorable method for everyone, it sure does get the job done.

5. Baby Oil

Lukewarm baby oil will also work great for your nails. Any type of baby oil will do. If you want to add in a dose of sweet baby smell, then you can also opt for the scented baby oils as they work an absolute wonder. After a warm bath or shower, be sure to apply some baby oil onto your nails and cuticles.

6. Vitamin E

Vitamin E capsule is the only thing, which can make alive dull face, lifeless hair and brittle nails. You can take this capsule orally, or find it ina multivitamin tablet that you can take on a daily basis. In addition to this, there is also a Vitamine E oil that you can use on your fingertips to help you get that smooth and shiny look. Best of all, when you massage this oil into your nails and hand, it will be moisturizing your skin as well! 

7. Fish Oil

Though, fish oil is good for health, but it also happens to be good for your nails. It is a wonderful way to treat nails at home, especially in winters. One of the best ways to take fish oil is to purchase it in a multivitamin pill

8. Avocado & Rosewater

Avocado & rosewater are two great things that can be applied to get pink nails at home. You can easily make this paste at home to get sweet smelling, soft nails.

9. Warm Water

Who would have given a thought that warm water can actually work for your nails? Dab your nails in warm water, and see the wonder. If you love taking warm baths, then this can be one of the best times to try out this method. The warm water will help to loosen up any dead and flakey skin. Best off all, when you do this, you will be able to clean up your cuticles a lot easier too.

10. Cucumber

Either a thin slice of cucumber or juice of cucumber both works wonderfully for your nails. Much like the lemons, you want to rub the cucumber around on your cuticles and nail until you feel the softness of your nail come out. Once they dry, you will be left with beautifully shiny nails.

11. Cuticle Oil

Applying cuticle oil can also help in getting shiny nails. This type of oil was designed to help clear up and clean up dry, damaged, and dull nails. When you use cuticle oil, this is also a great time to clean up and shape up your cuticles as well.

12. Scrub

Use scrubber on your nails, once a week, to remove dead cells.  When you scrub away at the dead skin, you give your skin the opportunity to regenerate itself and create healthier and shinier nails. This is a great way to promote a healthy development of your nails.

13. Water

This next step is not what you can do to the outside of your nails, but what you can do to the inside of your body. When you drink adequate amounts of water and stay hydrated throughout the day, you give your body the chance to be the best it can be. Staying hydrated allows your cells to be nourished with water. On your face, this will appear as glossy, dewey, and healthy looking skin. The same can be said for your hair and your nails. Water nourishes your body, and if you get enough of it, you too will get shiny and glossy looking nails. Drink water to get a shiny glossy look on your nails.

How to Take Proper Care of Your Nails?

One of the best ways to get healthy, glossy, and shy nails is by taking care of them in the first place. One of the best ways you can do it is by taking proper care of your nails. Here are the major don’t when it comes to keeping your nails properly cared for. 

  • Don’t bite your nails.
  • Don’t apply acetone based nail paints.
  • File your nails.