12 Super Foods for Healthier Nails

A nice set of nails reveal more about their wearer than their fashion sense. You can tell a lot about a person’s body by looking at their nails.

Your nails and the state that they are in can actually drop hints at your overall health. Conditions such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as anemia can be identified by looking at an individual’s nails. Apart from speaking to your body’s internal state, spotty, brittle nails can be painful and plain unsightly to look at.

There are a number of common nail afflictions people deal with, each of which can be combated without the use of particularly harsh chemicals or strange ingredients.

1. Banana

The zinc, vitamin B6, and mineral silica in banana perk up the appearance and the strength of the nails.

2. Milk

Besides being excellent for teeth and bones, milk is also amazing in strengthening the nails. The calcium in milk induces the nails to grow faster. The insufficiency of calcium in one’s body, apart from affecting teeth and bones, can also make the nails dull and brittle.

3. Carrots

The vitamin A in carrot can bring back the strength and shine of your nails, if consumed regularly. Carrots not only revamp the nails, but are also effective in treating the immune system and keeping the hair and skin healthy.

4. Eggs

Eggs are protein based foodstuff, which are great for the health of nails. Nails are made of keratin, which is a type of protein, and hence; it becomes necessary to intake protein rich food.

5. Tomatoes

The lycopene and biotin in tomatoes are helpful in bringing shine and strength to the nails. They save nails from getting brittle. Lycopene makes the nails thicker and lustrous.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli is an affluent source of iron, which prevents the brittleness and decolouration of nails. Broccoli not only increases oxygen in blood, but also nurtures the red blood cells.

7. Beans

To get longer, thicker, and stronger nails, eat one cup of beans every day. Silicon is that ingredient in beans, which is excellent for healthy nails.

8. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are profused with beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A is useful in attaining healthy and shiny nails, as well as cell growth.

9. Water

By drinking 8 to 10 glass of water every day, you can prevent dehydration. Dehydration causes nails to look pale, dull, and weak. It also causes cuticles. Other than water, one should also intake fruits and vegetables that are rich in water contents.

10. Pumpkin Seeds

The zinc in pumpkin seeds plays an imperative role in structuring the connective tissues and maintaining the immunity level of the body. The deficiency of zinc can cause nails to attain white areas, which is similar to when we put pressure on nails.

11. Oily Fishes

The omega fatty acids in oily fishes, like salmons, sardines, tuna, etc, are efficient in nourishing the nail bed and giving the body those nutrients, which are essential for healthy nails.

12. Kale

Kale is a green vegetable, which is prosperous in the amount of vitamins and minerals.  It makes the nails strong and averts dryness in nails.