12 Health Benefits of Cumin

One of the most aromatic spices around the world, cumin, is however just tiny seeds, but they are powerful enough to cure a number of ailments of human beings by rendering several strong health benefits that they own. Let’s explore the 12 health benefits of cumin.

What Is Cumin?

12 health benefits of cumin
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Before we share the 12 health benefits of cumin, let’s begin this article by discussing what these petite seeds are. The seeds come from a dried plant within the parsley family, but you can also purchase cumin in a powder form for easier cooking.

Cumin is found in a variety of colors including brown, yellow, back, green and white. Its color completely depends on where in the world the plant is grown and the temperature it’s born in.

Its history is fascinating as cumin was used as a seasoning for cooking but a way of paying taxes. When you look back at Biblical references, this spice was mainly used for medicinal purposes as it could help with digestive and stomach illnesses.

It’s important to store the cumin seeds or powder appropriately so they don’t become clumped together or it loses flavor. Store in an airtight container in a cool and dry environment. This way, cumin can easily last up to six months.

12 Health Benefits of Cumin

12 health benefits of cumin
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1. Fights Asthma

Cumin acts as a bronchodilator and the thymoquinone, which it contains, prevents inflammation and other foreign elements that cause asthma.

2. Cures Anaemia

Cumin is prosperously abundant with iron, which improves the count of red blood cells in the body and helps in healthy transportation of blood, throughout the body.

3. Good for Diabetes

Being good in reducing the level of blood sugar, cumin is a fantastic remedy for people suffering from diabetes. As per scientific studies, ground cumin seeds may abet hypoglycemia.

4. Prevents Cancer

Cancer needs to be taken care of since its first stage only as it can turn fatal, if it is too late. Cumin is a superb anti-cancerous therapy due to the presence of a number of anti-carcinogenic agents, like thymol, thymohydroquinone, dithymoquinone, thymoquinone, etc.

5. Helps in Menstrual Cycle

Cumin is wholesome for women of every age as it induces healthy menstrual cycle.

6. Improves Metabolism

Proper metabolism helps the body to function well and watch over other biological processes. It is done with the help of iron that cumin seeds contain.

7. Immunity Booster

One of the most important benefits of cumin is that it increases the immunity of the body by fighting against the free radicals and impurities inside the body.

8. Helps in Digestion

Consumption of cumin, every day, induces proper digestion as various enzymes that cumin contain, breakdown the food without hassle, thereby helping in the proper digestion.

9. Aids in Respiratory Disorders

Cumin is, in fact, rich with vitamin C too, which is amazing in treating respiratory ailments, like cold, flu, asthma, etc.

10. Treats Insomnia

Cumin seeds have been proved highly effective for treating insomnia. Normally, for taking care of sleeping disorders, cumin tea with banana is considered amazingly beneficial.

11. Maintains Kidney Health

Cumin seeds are an effective remedy for the treatment of renal cramps, and are also beneficial for maintaining the strength of kidney.

12. Good for Breast-feeding Mothers

Cumin is good for mothers, who breast-feed their babies because of its richness in iron and calcium. These nutrients augment the secretion of milk.

Ways To Add More Cumin Into Your Diet

12 health benefits of cumin
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Now that you’re aware of the 12 health benefits of cumin, it’s time to discover some delectable recipes so you can add more cumin into your diet. This aromatic seed adds a nutty flavor to a variety of dishes such as curries and stews.

Add a hint of spice to chili con carne if you’re a fan of Tex-Mex dishes. You can also rub cumin powder on meat or poultry to enhance the flavor and add a little kick to its taste. But if you’d rather test the waters with this spice before diving straight in, enhance a homemade barbeque sauce and marinade for a delicious twist.

Cumin powder is widely used in vegetarian and vegan dishes since it matches perfectly with chickpeas, courgettes, aubergines, and falafel. Let’s not forget that it can completely revolutionize roast potatoes.

To make boring stir-fried vegetables more flavorsome, create a marinade by mixing olive oil and cumin together. Pour this mixture over the vegetables and combine with couscous or wholegrain rice for a healthy dish.