10 Wonderful Ways for Kids to Lose Weight Fast

For every parent, if their child is overweight, it is certainly distressing. Obesity in kids not only gets them nick names but also invites a vast list of health concerns.

You can easily find out, if your little lad or lass has put on more weight by monitoring them. The food habits of children, their playtime, workout, study methodology, and even socialization needs to be altered to help them lose the weight.

An adult can manage with tedious exercises for a rapid weight loss, but with kids, one needs to be extra careful while guiding them. Some simple steps are listed below about how to help your tot lose weight faster and in safe manner, without any side effects.

10 Ways to Help Your Child Lose Weight

An important point about helping your child to lose weight is that you do not want his or her to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Sometimes, the best efforts to help a child shed pounds can lead to eating disorders.

It is far better to try the methods we suggest here that will give your child a nudge in the right direction without making him or her feel bad. Maintaining a positive approach is essential.

You do not want your child to feel like he or she has failed. Children should never equate their weight with their self-worth.

Harsh approaches to getting children to lose weight can induce serious mental health effects. So, use our suggestions to avoid any negative outcomes while also helping your child to shed excess pounds that could ne harming his or her health.

1. Know the weight type

If the child is overweight, then first consult a doctor and get to know about the type of weight s/he has. Few kids may have fat build up in their body whereas others may only have water weight.

The weight loss program for every child varies, as per their specific weight-related problem. For example, water weight of a kid can be reduced quickly with simple exercise and change in diet plan. For fat reduction, the treatment course differs hugely.

2. Watch calories

For kids, consuming 2500 calories in a day is recommended by dieticians all over the world. When it comes to quick weight reduction, a parent need not compromise over the calories intake of the child, to a great extent, as it will affect their nutrition level.

Just cut down 250 calories from your kid’s every day intake and by doing this, you can cut down 1750 calories in a week. This can lead to reduction of 1-3 pounds in a week for kids. This steady reduction is safer and better.

3. Fun workout sessions

Make your ward’s weight loss workout sessions interesting and amazing so that s/he participates whole heartedly. You can play some music they love or can set up a television in the room where they work out and can play their favorite cartoon which will not let them feel monotonous while they exercise.

Take them to a nearby park along with your pet and have a cute little race or jog-a-thon between both to encourage them to take part in all activities.

4. Active boot camps

Boot camps conducted by leading fitness centers all over the world are an excellent opportunity for every parent looking forward to reduce their child’s weight fast. These boot camps are nothing but fitness camps held outside in a hilly area or somewhere amidst nature.

The boot camps have a smaller bunch of children and are conducted by fitness experts. Rather than just trekking and training, these boot camps are more of fun excursions for your kids, with strenuous exercises that will enable them to get back to a better shape.

5. Keep them hydrated

Always understand that more water can lead to faster weight loss. Give your child enough water.

Keep them hydrated since they workout, and also keep them full to cut down their appetite for any kinda junk food. If your kid refuses to drink water, then glucose, tangy drinks with a tinge of lemon, orange or strawberry without sugar and even homemade fruit juices make a right choice.

6. Sporting gear

Getting a pair of running shoes in their favorite color or buying them a swim suit that they always wanted would coax them to actively participate in such fitness sessions. Gift them music headphones, fitness gears in their favorite color or shape, adorn their workout room with the posters of their favorite celebs or cartoon stickers to make the workout look like an eye-candy for children.

7. Picnics

Go for outing with your kids. This way, you can make them sweat a lot with long jogging sessions, walking longer distances in a beautiful trail, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, cooking at the camps, mushroom collecting and more.

Take them to a countryside farm and indulge them in farming on weekends. This can be a great stress buster for you and will also keep your little one active all-day long and sweat more to shed weight faster.

8. Interesting household chores

When you simply tell your child to take your puppy out for a walk just to trim down weight, s/he may not listen. Similarly, cleaning the garage with your assistance can also sound like a nightmare to them.

This is why give them simplest yet interesting household chores like decorating their room based on a theme they like so much, cleaning a kitchen shelf where they can fill in their treats, set up a flower garden or a vegetable garden and maintaining it regularly, giving your pet a shower, doing laundry with parental assistance to clean their room and more. These small household activities would be of great help for reducing your child’s weight.

9. Set up reward display

As a pleasant surprise to your child and also to motivate him/her to take part in weight loss programs effectively, set up a reward display at your home. The display must have at least few gifts that your child wants or would love to posess forever.

Now lock this display and add tags to every gift with a simple weight loss target. For example, tag a pair of skating shoes with a message, “Lose 5 pounds and this is yours.”

This way, when kids see their favorite gifts displayed at home and get confirmation about receiving these gifts, they will keenly cooperate in all weight loss programs.

10. Eliminate beverages and sugar

Help your child dump sugary beverages, sodas, canned drinks, desserts, chocolates and more. These beverages get your child bloat sooner and can also result in a series of health problems. It is better to replace their beverages with juices, desserts, yogurt, and more.


  • Taking care of your child’s mental health during weight loss is really important. Boost their confidence level at every stage of weight loss.
  • Compliment your child for achieving their short term and long term weight gain goals.
  • Play some motivational songs, music or take them for a movie that can encourage them to stick to their weight loss goals.
  • Let them interact with a group of positive minded people at home and also in the neighborhood that will inspire them while they are going through the weight loss phase.
  • Video games makes your kids couch potatoes, therefore, it is good to go for play station games where they have to run, move often and stand up from their seat.


  • Never threaten your child about their obesity, as it will cause more stress. Increase in stress leads to rapid weight gain.
  • Never compare your child with your neighbor’s son or daughter, who managed to lose weight faster. This discourages them to the maximum possible extent.
  • Pushing your child to lose too much weight is also dangerous to their health, so meet your dietician often and take advice from them.
  • Never punish kids, if you come to know that they had too many cookies or chocolates at a recent party. Do not even think about punishing them for throwing tantrums at an ice-cream shop for some extra treats.
  • Try not to follow a strict diet and avoid incorporating food items which kids hate to eat, in their weight loss diet chart.

Final Words

Keep in mind the overall goal is to help make your child healthy by losing weight. You want to focus on that to keep your child motivated.

Let us know which tips worked for your child in the comments.