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10 Secret Home Remedies for a Push Up Bikini Effect + Infographic

We ladies know that some of our biggest assets are our breasts. Whether we like it or not, both guys and gals always find their gazes wandering to our chest areas and checking us out.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed by Mother Nature with double Ds and have to settle for 32a or 32aa bra sizes. No need to fear, not all hope is lost.

There are all sorts of tips and tricks that you can use to get great cleavage and a super sexy and cute push up bikini effect. You really will be surprised to find out that some of them are quite simple and easy to carry out, while others involve a little bit of work in the exercise area.

Moreover, there are some super interesting beauty pageant secrets that will leave you with your jaw dropping. Trust us, we are just as excited about this list as you are.

So without any further ado, here is our ultimate list of the best 10 secret home remedies for a push up bikini effect that will make girls envy your cleavage.


1. Work for that Beach Body

If you are in the mood for sweating off those pounds and treating that cellulite naturally, you are going to have to put in that extra effort and push in some extreme hours of exercising. If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on Abercrombie or Victorias Secret push up bikinis, padded / underwire bras, or swimwear, you have to push your limits and work for that beach body of your dreams.

Believe it or not, there are actually exercises specifically for your chest area and cleavage out there and they are really not as difficult as you might think they are.  The key is to work on all problem areas of your body so you can obtain not only that push up bikini effect, but also a fantastic body shape with gorgeous abs, arms, legs, butt and thighs. Set goals and work to achieve them!

2. Correct Bikini Size

One of the biggest mistakes that girls and women make is choosing the wrong size when it comes to bikinis, bras or tops. It really is funny how most ladies either go way, way too tight and choose a much smaller bikini size than they should, or purchase one that is too large and does not highlight or emphasize their breasts in any way.

As far as design is concerned, you really can never go wrong with triangle pads to make your chest look full and plump. In addition to this, we recommend that you try out a halter string bikini top that naturally brings your breasts together for better cleavage.

What we would suggest you avoid are bandeau or strapless bikinis that lack support on the sides for pressing your breasts together for an enlarged effect. You can choose a black, blue, white, red, yellow, pink or even a leopard print or sequin American flag bikini if that’s your thing, just make sure that you get the size right for your body.

push up bikini photos of three models

3. DIY: Fringe Bikini Top

Yes, girls, we are proud to inform you that you have a cheap and homemade alternative for a push up bikini effect that won’t make you seem like you chose your swimsuit sets from the XS juniors sale section of the department store. You can make your very own fringe bikini top at home with some super simple supplies and some creativity.

You don’t have to know what secret Victoria actually has to nail this one, all you are going to need is an old bikini top, a pair of scissors, an elastic band, some fringe fabric and a needle and thread to put it all together. If you cannot find any fringe and you don’t want to cheat your way out, you can buy a longer piece of fabric of your choice and individually cut thin strips to create your own fringes.

The fantastic part about a fringe bikini top is that it makes your cleavage seem larger and attracts attention to the upper part of your body.

4. Chicken Cutlets

Yes, you heard us right. One of the secret home remedies for a push up bikini effect is using the so called “chicken cutlets” to plump up your breasts.

This is a term frequently used by beauty pageant participants to describe the silicon inserts in bras and bikini tops for a push up impact. They use the notion of “chicken cutlets” because that is exactly how the inserts are shaped like.

If you ever thought that all beauty queens had naturally amazing breasts, boy, were you wrong. Chicken cutlets are just one of their secret tricks to make their breasts appear fuller and lifted. Wait until you see the next one on our list.

5. Duct Tape

Nope, we are not crazy, duct tape is really listed in this article. Another weird and unexpected beauty pageant trick is to use duct tape to make a real homemade push up bra.

We like presenting info straight from the source, so take a look at how Care Fair describes the process: “This method involves having the pageant contestant bending over at the waist. While holding her breasts, another person takes duct tape and wraps the first strip under the bust line.

A second and third strip is applied in a curve to go underneath each breast (sort of like a cup) and the final piece is applied slightly underneath the first strip to act as reinforcement.” Might want to keep that in mind next time you spend your salary on breast enhancing swimwear, right?

6. Makeup

One of the coolest and easiest ways for a push up bikini effect is using makeup to highlight the form of your breasts and accentuate your cleavage. Just like blush is used to outline your cheekbones, powdered makeup is used to create a contour of your breasts and make them stand out.

There are quite a few techniques that can be applied to achieve this effect, but just keep in mind that you should never overdo things. The disadvantage of this method is that you cannot apply it if you are planning to get into the water on the beach or at a pool and still expect the makeup to stay in place without being washed off. Nevertheless, for a night out or a day tanning, it works like a charm.

7. Spray Tanning

Speaking of tanning, have we ever told you how much you should avoid over exposure to the sun? We hope you are all quite well aware of the dangers of UV radiation and potential skin cancer if you stay for too long in the sun or in a tanning booth, so this particular method will be helping you in more ways than one.

Spray tanning can help you get that soft caramel shade on your skin that will make you want to wear dresses and miniskirts without being afraid of people staring at your pale, white legs. Aside from this, many spray tanning salons have specialists who know how to work on your chest area to make it appear bigger. Try it out!

8. Long Necklaces

A simple, yet effective trick for drawing attention to your upper body is wearing longer necklaces that either graze your cleavage or fall just on the top part. We recommend that you try thin silver or gold chains that have a small pendant at the end and that have a discrete, yet sexy presence on your chest.

Make sure that you apply some type of other support (push up bra / bikini / even the duct tape we were talking about earlier) to make the entire presence worthwhile. Just don’t be surprised if you find the majority of guys that pass you staring at your lady parts, though.

9. V-neck Tops

Ah, what an easy-peasy tip that can go so far. V-neck tops can work miracles for making your cleavage seem more generous and attractive and at a great price.

You can choose how low the V-neck is according on the situation you plan on wearing it in (for example, a business meeting might call for a higher V-neck, while a hot date works great with a lower and more seductive one). Try to avoid, at all costs, shirts that completely cover up your cleavage and make you look too nice. V-neck tops really are suitable for all occasions and will add a spark of femininity to your outfit.

10. Double-Sided Tape

Our last secret home remedy for a push up bikini effect might seem as ridiculous as number 5 on the list, but it really is tried and tested by beauty pageant queens and celebrities all around the world. Double-sided tape is also known as “fashion tape” and is all the rage in Hollywood these days, so it is definitely worth checking out.

The Final Word

So, maybe you are not naturally blessed with a large chest, but that does not have to mean you have to suffer. There are so many tricks to use to give your bosom a natural boost.

Make sure that you try out all the suggestions on our list. You might find some work better than others, but you will never know unless you try them all.

They are also super simple and shouldn’t require much investment since you can use easily attainable items. Some are more drastic than others, but that is what is so great about our list: there is something for everyone!

Once you find the one that works best for you, share it with us. Tell us which tip helped you get the bust of your dreams in the comments.

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