10 Health Benefits of Jogging

Every morning, we see people running in the parks. People jog every day to keep themselves in shape and start their morning in a healthy way. Jogging not only decreases the extra fat, but also provides many benefits to our health.

In this article, we’re sharing the 10 health benefits of jogging to get you moving.

10 Health Benefits of Jogging

10 health benefits of jogging woman running
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1. Improves Stamina : Isn’t it surprising that just 2-3 hours of jogging can make you strong? Well, this is true actually. Jogging improves your endurance and makes you strong. It improves your immunity and also strengthens your bones, which makes you even sturdy.

2. Physical Fitness : Of course, it improves your physical appearance. Jogging burns out the excess fat from your body, helping you in losing weight. It gives you the right body shape and makes you fit.

3. Perks up Appetite : Suffering from loss of hunger? Start jogging and get rid of the problem. Jogging increases the rate of metabolism, thus increases your appetite.

4. Activeness : Jogging keeps you active and cheerful the whole day. It helps to increase your capacity of doing work. You can work in office actively for long hours, without getting tired.

5. Reduces Diseases : According to a survey, people, who jog every day, are 50% more healthy and happy than the others. It also reduces your medication up to 50%. Jogging helps to manage your high blood pressure and prevents osteoporosis and cancer.

6. Cures Insomnia : Yes! Jogging is a good treatment for insomnia and helps you give a good night sleep.  So, jog every morning and sleep better to stay young.

7. Stress Reliever : Jogging makes your mind uncluttered and helps to relieve stress. Jogging is a natural stress reliever, which makes you feel good and optimistic.

8. Boosts Confidence : When you sleep well, eat healthy, stay fit, feel positive and cheerful, you obviously feel confident about yourself. Jogging builds up a new level of confidence and helps you overcome every torment.

9. Keeps Heart in Pink : Jogging is a good cardiovascular workout that reduces the possibility of strokes and heart attacks by strengthening the muscles of the heart. It enhances the capacity of lungs to supply more oxygen to all the vital organs of the body. It reduces the level of cholesterol, considerably.

10. Slows Down Aging : Jogging fortifies your muscles and bones, preventing their early decline. It keeps you look young for years.

Jogging Tips For Beginners

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After reading the 10 health benefits of jogging, we hope to have inspired you to get fitter and challenge yourself.

Although you might be bursting with enthusiasm to get started, we suggest contacting your doctor to ensure your health and wellbeing is in check before you begin. Also, if you’ve previously suffered from injuries or illnesses, ensure you communicate these to your doctor to receive their advice.

Begin Walking

Don’t jump into the deep end. Slowly wean yourself into jogging by walking and running. Set yourself a set amount of time two-three times a week. Depending on your personal circumstances and fitness levels, we suggest 20 minutes per session. 

This method involves walking for a set period of time, followed by a jog for a short amount of time. At this point, there’s no need to schedule the amount of time you’re running and walking because you’re getting used to the action of your feet against the floor and stretching your legs.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, you should feel comfortable to extend your running sessions. For example, if you were walking for two minutes and jogging for 20 seconds, you can begin walking for one minute and jogging for two minutes. The most important thing here is that you’re feeling fitter and have more energy for the action. 

General Tips For Jogging

Continue with your running program and focus on increasing your speed and extended your routes. In the meantime, here are some general tips to enhance the exercise.

Breathe Properly: Your breathing powers your run and you should be able to complete a sentence while running. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This will help to reduce any stitches and cramps while ensuring your body has enough oxygen to power through your workout.

Stretch: It’s important to stretch before and after your workout to prevent any injuries. This also means warming up and cooling down so your heart rate can slowly increase and decrease before and after your jog.

Download a Running App: If you want to accurately measure your pace and distance, a running app is a great way to monitor your activity. This is a great way to track your improvement and be a part of a community of runners to motivate one another.